All Bazaarline products are built to comply with any consumer product safety requirements which are currently in effect and are relative to our line. In addition, we are committed to complying to environmental, safety and health requirements at all levels of government. Building strong, safe, functional and reliable products are our top priorities. We are wholly dedicated to working with both our suppliers and our customers to meet even the highest standards of product quality.

In order to meet safety standards across our entire line we test representing items encompassing each and every material used in our products. This extends to products intended for adults, children or both. Such testing is very expensive and time consuming and thus representing items are chosen over each individual item. This keeps the high expense of testing from adversely impacting the prices of our items. Testing documentation for these representing items is available upon request.

Please be aware that some of our items fall under the definition of a children's product according to the CPSC. Our devotion to compliance extends to the standards put forth in the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. In addition to this we are currently in the process of further testing to meet the standards of California Proposition 65. If you would like any additional information or if you have any related questions feel free to contact us any time.